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 Bathroom refinishing St Louis is a full-service bathroom remodeling company serving the greater St Louis region we are experts at bathtub and shower replacements tile installations fixtures and more. If you need help with your bathroom call us today!

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Many homeowners are unaware of the potential threats that may be hiding in their bathtubs.They just don’t recognise a problem with their tub until it’s too late. By having your tub refinished by our professionals at Bathtub Refinishing St Louis, you’ll get rid of it all that might happen if left untreated for years and keep your family healthy. Luckily, we are a team of bathtub refinishing experts that can save you time and money when it comes to repairing your damaged tub instead of installing a new one.

Bathtub refinishing is a process that can remove the dangers of mold and mildew, dirt buildup, staining from oils left behind by soaps and body lotions. A bathtub that has been refinished will be clean as well as attractive with no worries about safety or stability. Bathtubs need to be resealed every few years in order to maintain their surface qualities and keep them looking like new for much longer than they would otherwise last if not refreshed periodically. This will prolong the life of your bathtub, which is a large investment that you don’t want to have wasted after only a couple of years. That’s why you need to hire a tub refinishing expert once in a while.

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A well-maintained bathtub can be the main point of the restroom. If you are thinking about getting your bathtub looking fresh and new again, we have the right solution for you. We offer bathroom refinishing services that will transform your damaged and old bathtub into one that looks brand new. When working for our clients we always want to make sure that the services we provide are affordable, effective, and are meeting client’s expectations. Our knowledgeable team of experts can handle damage repair; tub-tile ventilation, masking, and refinishing; etching the tubs surface; and tub overflow, hardware, and caulk removal.

Tub Overflow, Hardware, and Caulk Removal

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your tub overflows, or if you need to remove old hardware and caulk from the walls of your bathroom, you can count on us. With that type of issue you need someone who is reliable and can come for the rescue fast so the damage won’t spread. We are putting all our effort into helping our clients in these kinds of situations. We can assure you that our trained plumbers will take care of all aspects of the work, from diagnosing the problem as well as any potential issues that may have caused it in order to ensure we do what needs to be done correctly, to providing full-service solutions for them. 

Tub-tile Ventilation

Ventilation in general is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home because it provides clean air and fills your space with the freshest fragrance. It also helps prevent mold or bacteria from forming, which gives you a greater chance at avoiding allergies if you have them. The same thing applies to tub-tiles, that’s why it is important to keep them ventilated, 

Tub-tile Masking

Tub-tile masking takes place in almost every bathroom. Tub and tile grout can become discolored due to soap scum, hard water stains, or mold, as a result of these things your tub and tiles may need professional help to remove them instead of your usual detergents.

Tub-tile Refinishing

Tile refinishing is the process of removing dirt and other gross stuff from a tile surface. The most common way to do it is with heat, but there are also some chemical treatments available for removing certain stains. If you have this kind of tub issue here at Bathtub Refinishing St Louis MO, we will be more than happy to help you with that.

Etching The Tubs Surface

A film gradually builds up on the bathtub after it has been used and as time goes by. Regular maintenance can prevent future buildup, and damages, that’s why we offer a surface coating that will help remove soap scum as well as any other buildup from your tub’s surface. Surface etching is a process in which a chemical solution is applied to your bathtub that will help  cleaning it so much easier. Appalling these substances increases the smoothness of the surface by removing dents, chips, and scratches caused by soap scum. It also helps prevent the buildup of soap scum which can cause stains on your tub as well as being unattractive.

Bathtub Damage Repair

Bathtub damage can be caused by a variety of reasons, including everyday wear and tear or the result of an unfortunate accident. If you have bathtub damage in your home, it’s important to get a professional assessment as soon as possible so that they can provide you with the best estimate for repair. It can be a difficult process to repair your damaged bathtub, and it’s always best in these cases to hire someone qualified for the job. That’s why we are here waiting to help you with your service needs. We want all of our customers to have an excellent experience when they come into contact with us.

we want to help you with bathtub reglazing

Bathtub reglazing is an important part of bath and shower restoration and regular maintenance. Gleaming a tub helps it look new again, while also protecting the surface from damage by water, other substances or physical damage. We offer professional tub reglazing services because we want to help you get your bathroom looking good as new. 

If you’re in need of this type of service, we can help. Our team is well-equipped with proper tools in order to get your old and worn-out tub back to its original glory. While reglazing your tub you can change the color of it, we offer a variety of color pallets from which our clients can choose from in order to suit the style of their bathroom. We are sure that everyone can find something for themselves out of it, and enjoy the new look of their reglazed bathtub.

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We’re a bathtub refinishing company in St Louis that does bathtub damage repair, bathtub reglazing, etching the tub’s surface. We offer professional bathtub refinishing services to clients throughout St Louis. 

Bathtub refinishing is definitely worth it. Small chips and scratches can accumulate over time, leading to larger issues such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and algae. This may be due to high levels of humidity or prolonged exposure to chlorinated water. As this damage takes hold your tub will continue to deteriorate, releasing sludge into the bathwater below which you'll need to continue scrubbing out of your shower.

After the refinishing product has time to dry, the smell of fumes will dissipate over time. There's no need to worry about the smell of reglazing a tub. The fact is that you should ventilate the area rather than close it off as you work with any finishing products in your home. Making sure all household members are aware and wearing masks if they've got allergies helps a lot too.

The cost to refinish a tub in the U.S. is typically around $478, with additional costs for installation of new fixtures and other work required to bring shower to code. That's without taking into account any mold remediation work that may need doing, and the total could be higher than expected if one runs into plumbing repairs or electrical rewiring issues along the way. 

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